Especially for our customers, we’ve developed an extensive online platform. On this online environment you can always keep track of your goods in the logistical progress.

Track & trace

We aim to make our logistical process as transparent as possible for our customers. If you choose for transport by Klaus Kammann, we will keep you informed. When you log on, you can find the current status of all of your shipments. Your past shipments are visible as well.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Because our vehicles are equipped with an advanced on-board computer, we can always inform you on the status of your shipment. If a vehicle of Klaus Kammann is driving especially for you, e.g. in the case of container transportation, you can even follow your vehicle’s location real-time.

If you use one of our vehicles for a longer period, you can not only follow it real-time, but you will also be able to communicate with the driver. This is possible via text messages that are sent from our online platform. A message is sent directly to the vehicle’s on-board computer. The driver’s reply is made visible online as well. By this method of communication you can easily synchronize your mutual planning.